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Related post: Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 10:30:11 -0700 (PDT) From: Jan Slutt Subject: Ouuu Honey 5Hi All.. this is Jan. I just wanted to add a disclaimer for all of my stories. These are all 100% fictional. No one, living or dead, resembles or is related to my characters. All characters are of legal adult age or older. No character is forced to do anything he or she does not cravenly want to do. These are intended solely for adults for adult pleasures. The stories are not necessarily cohesive, the intent is not serious fiction, it's erotic stimulation resulting in gushing orgasms, hopefully! Let me know if I accomplished that goal! I welcum all correspondences and further discussions, suggestions and complaints that will bring both of us off!You can contact me either at: jansluttyahoo.com or fracketthotmail.com or IM me at either too!Please visit my other series at: http://www.nifty.org/nifty/transgender/tv/memories/ http://www.nifty.org/nifty/transgender/tv/panty/Thank you! Jan SluttOuuu Honey Chapter 5Hi! My name is Geoff and my twin brother is Jon. We do a lot together, and were right at the brink of discovering mutual sexual enjoyment together, just like now, we were home alone, and of course sex came up!"Can you suck your own cock?" I asked my brother."Yeah, I've done it.." he laughed. "Can you?""No, never could, maybe I'm doing it wrong.." I stammered. "Show me willya?" I groaned softly. I slid my pants off to show off my frilly little pink panties and my hard cock inside. I bent fuckable preteens my head but couldn't reach it."Here.. look.." he smiled, sliding his own shorts down. He had on black gauzy panties, his cock hard in them. He bent his head down but also pulled his leg up over his head, forcing it down further until the tip of his cock brushed his lips. He scrunched more and slid his cock right into his mouth, sucking it, his panties tight around his domai preteen balls! He'd lever his leg, forcing his head up and down his cock, grunting to the exertion."Oh wow, I don't think I can do that.." I moaned, raising my leg up but failing to get it over my forbidden girls preteen head. He stopped and tried to help, but it was no use, I just wasn't skinny or limber enough. I stopped, breathing hard when he started to resume his position..."Uhghh.. horny... wanna cum..." he moaned. I stopped his leg from raising up to his head, however."Let me, brother.. I can't suck my own but I know I could suck your's for you.. it'd be a lot less stressful..." I grinned, reaching into his lap, slowly stroking his thick cock."OUuuuuu Yessss, honey.. ouu please.. suck it for me!" he groaned, stretching out as I massaged his cock and balls, slowly lowering my face to his groin."Let me make you feel wonderful.." I sighed, tugging his panties down with my teeth as he gasped, my hand slowly stroking up and down his cock, then feeding it to my hungry mouth!"Oooohhhhh fuck... suck it baby.. suck it for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." he groaned wantonly! I slowly went preteen depression up and down his thick cock, my lips sucking on it, tasting his sweat, smelling his musky groin smell.. gawd I loved that smell! My uncle Bill's, Coach del Rey's, Juan the teacher, ... they all smelled the same.. musky, flavorful, a distinct perfume of piss and sweat! I cupped his balls, twisting the skin hymen girl preteen on his sack, raking them with my long fake nails, wondering if my lipstick was cumming off on his cock, making it absofuckinglutely delightful for him! It didn't take long and I felt his hand on the back of my neck, pressing downward, forcing as much of his hard cock down my throat! He thought I'd resist, I could tell... but I surprised him, I didn't resist at all, I gurgled and not once gagging took his whole cock down! Uncle Bill taught me how to deep throat his 9" cock, I had skills, baby! "Ouuuu fuck, honey.. yer gonna make me cum.. I'm gonna cum.. cum in your mouth.. stop sucking me or I'll cum in your mouth!" he commanded. I never missed a beat - he didn't know what a cumslut I was! I tightened my lipgrip on his cock and hoovered him relentlessly until I felt him explode, shooting wave after wave of hot cum down my cocksucking throat! I pampered his cock with my lips, drawing out every last drop, preteenporn pics then slowly drew off his cock, tonguing it, kissing it gently."Ouuuu Honey... your cum tasted wonderful!" I sighed, rubbing his cock on my cheek!"Wow... oh fucking wow!" he moaned, shocked I was such a good cocksucker!"Did I suprise you that I was such a good cocksucker?" I grinned at my brother."Yes I was!!" my brother groaned. "You took me by complete surprise! When you took my cock in your mouth I was totally shocked by how wonderfully you started expertly mouthing my cock, bringing me such wonderful feelings!" Grinning, he mimicked his brother's cocksucking techniques!"Now let me show you what I can do with your cock!" my brother moaned, slowly sliding down my torso! I never suspected he would be receptive to sucking mine, but was I ever wrong! He slowly took it in his mouth, caressing it, gently sucking on it, his eyes never leaving mine, a look of total pleasure on his face as he stroked my balls and sucked my cock until I came in his mouth, and he lapped it all bbs preteen toplist up!"OUUUuuuuu Honey!" I blurted, overcum anime preteen xxx by his open willingness to please me!"Yes, darling?" he answered coquettishly, batting his eyelashes seductively!"Ouuu baby... do you like the feminine side of you?" I almost dared not to ask."Ouuu honey, I thought you'd never ask!" he responded, then gently planted a big kiss square on my lips! "Do you like.. ummm.. to play in sexy stuff?" he asked hesitantly."You mean like mom's or sis's sexy stuff?" I asked daringly. "Well, um... like this kinda stuff?" and suddenly whipped out a pair of frilly, lacy panties... a pair I'd jerked off in several times."Uhhhh ouuu yeah... mmm.. russian teen preteen ouuu... so pretty! Hmmm.. crusty tooo .. dried cum?" he asked, sniffing them. "I'd gladly lick them out.." and tee-hee'd!"Ouuu yes... my fucking dried cum.. love to fucking make myself cum.. or better yet... we csn make each other cum.. but with a difference.. wanna dress together.. makeup, lipstick, perfume, etc?" I said... panting in anticipation.. drooling, actually!"ouuu fuck yes... you're making me hard in my panties just thinking about it.. kiss me honey.. ouuuuu..." my brother said, standing me up as we kissed. It wasn't a man kiss, it was a girly kiss, nibbling on each other's lips, caressing our faces, kissing like little whore sluts!"Ouuuu honey.. I never knew you liked this... let's get more comfortable.. wanna put on something sexy? Let me strip you.. ouuu baby.. your fucking cock is sooo hard.. here, let me feel it through these sexy panties...ouuuu.. mmmmm.. now, slip on this garterbelt.. mmmmm ouuuu .. now stockings.. don't those feel wonderful?" preteens models russian as he kissed me passionately!"Ouuuu yes sweetheart! I wanna have you dress too.. bra, panties, garters, stockings, makeup... especially perfume... ouu yes that's so fucking hot!" I moaned as we drowned each other in perfume!We finished dressing each other in lingerie, donning nn julie preteen high heels, jewelry, makeup, perfume.. we were total little sluts and loved it! We couldn't stop kissing and fondling each other!"Do you remember oriental preteens nude Jamie, our cousin who visited us 2 years ago, right before you went off to camp?" my candids pre teen brother grinned lasviciously? "He was here right before you came home... remember how girly I acted?" he sighed. I did notice something had changed."Yes... I remember..it turned me on, but of course I couldn't tell you that!" I laughed. I idly reached out and tickled his cock in his panties."OUuuuu... yes, I love it! Well, Jamie showed me how to dress.. we played dress up every time mom or dad wasn't home... and sucked and fucked like crazy!" My brother's cock was growing quite the wet spot! And was hard, too! And, we made eavh other hard over and over again.. ohhh fuck that feels good... mmmmmmmm bend right down and kiss it for me, honey... " he moaned...."I'll do better than that... I'll gladly suck it for you..." I grinned!"MMMmmmmmm.... one good suck deserves another.. let's get horny and suck each other's cocks... 69... ok, darling?" Jon groaned, sliding down and capturing my cock in his mouth, my panties moving effortlessly to the side as his preteen rusian free lips caressed my thick hardon."Mmmmmmm... but isn't this called 77, not 69?" I groaned, avidly sucking his cock."Huh?" Jon videoclip preteens groaned, not getting my joke, his mouth engulfing my cock fully and completely."Yeah... you get 8 (ate!) more..." I giggled, sighing and traveling my lips from his cock preteens kissing preteens to his gaping asshole, rimming him incessantly."Oh fucking my... oh fuck yes... eat me more you hot sexy little cunt!" Jon groaned, leaving free preteen thubs my cock for a moment to revel in my lips tonguing his gorgeous ass! He playfully snapped my garters on my ass and I did the same to him, laughing and playing like little slut girls with preteens dancing nude each other!"Ouuu honey... love fingerfucking you with my left hand while I can jerk you off with my right hand, then sucking your cock too... does it all feel good to you, sweetheart?" I moaned, engulfing him one more time....-----------------Bob ached to get home and get out of his outer clothes so he could prance around preteen models portal in his hot, sexy lace undies! He looked over at his boss, Jim. He wondered if Jim, a married man himself, ever explored his feminine side?! He wa slim and trim enough... bet he'd look good in some high heels, stockings, garterbelt and panties! Damn, he started getting hard just thinking brazil nude preteens about it... anything made him hard it seemed like! The front of his pants were bulging...Jim glanced over at Bob, then his eyes narrowed.. was Bob getting a boner? MMmmmmm... hell yes, he was! naked preteen sister MMmmmm...."Hey Bob, do me a favor, willya?" Jim asked. "Stand up on that chair and see if you can pics preteens masturbating unscreew that lightbulb nude preteen modle from the wall sconce... it's been out for a couple days..." Jim said softly.. Jim had tried and couldn't do it and knew he needed help. "Here, let me steady you.." and wrapped his arms around him, his wrist coming to rest right on the bulge in his pants!'Uhghh..." Bob groaned as he felt the pressure on his cock shaft while Jim hugged him. "Sure this is safe?" as he reached for the wall sconce."Sure, I'll hold you tighter if you'd like.." Jim moaned, tightening his grip and pressing harder on his throbbing hardon, knowing full well by then that his employee was obviously turned on by the situation! He felt something slippery too... did he have panties on instead of underwear? OMG yes he did! He could feel himself throb in his own panties! Did he dare imagine he'd have on a garterbelt and stockings too?"There, here's the old one, can you hand me the new one?" Bob croaked, gasping as Jim's hand took the lightbulb and regripped his thigh, caressing him with it, round and round on his throbbing cockhead, his panties starting to leak! "oohhh dear... I'm leaking... my panties... " Bob groaned. "Shit, I didn't mean to say that... !" and grabbed the other bulb and quickly screwed it in. But, Jim didn't let go! "Uhhh... " he moaned..."Lemme help you contain your leak... don't want to get your pants wet... unbuckle them... wanna see your panties.. how fucking sexy they are... see if they're like mine... and see your stockings and garterbelt too.... ouuuu yes honey.. you're hot and sexy sweetheart!" Jim moaned, his hand reaching into his panties and pulling out his employee's thick cock, stroking him! "OUUUuuuu honey, do you like your cock sucked?" Jim moaned, not waiting for an answer, bending down and taking his employee's throbbing cock in his mouth, sucking him as he shed his clothes quickly, exposing his own sexy lingerie!Suddenly Bob reacted... Jim was no longer his boss.. Jim was his friend, his lover, his preteen dirty pictures equal. Jim was mauling him as much as Bob was mauling Jim, the two insatiatable, kissing, licking, devouring each other's quivering cocks and bloated balls, panties deliciously in each other's way, cum dripping, both of them play acting pent up whore sluts craving to act out every single sensuously overcharged scenario they could possibly think of."OMFG this is so fucking hot!" Bob gasped as he felt Jim's tongue lick his asshole. "Oh fuck sweetheart, you're driving me totally fucking nuts!" and bent over while Jim fingerfucked him preteens sex 13 as preteen porn archives Jim's fingers buried up to his wrist up his ass! "Ugnghh... oh fuck screw me up the ass you hot slut!""Ouu you hot cunt! Suck the piss out of my cock, sweetie!" Jim moaned.,, Bob preteen panty devoured Jim's cock, his mouth bloating as Jim pissed in it, gulping and swallowing like crazy while his hand see-sawed in and out of Bob's ass, fucking him like a freight train! Bob shuddered and spewed cum out his cock incessantly as did Jim, both orgasming over and over, cum and piss dumping in buckets, licking and lapping it up, drunk with desire! Satiated, they rolled off each other, gasping in untold pleasures, quivering from releasing pent up desires!"Ohh shit Jim, that was fucking wonderful!" Bob groaned, shakily standing up, peeling his cum and piss soaked panties off, his stockings torn and tattered too! Jim pointed to the basket, said he'd empty it himself. They stripped, wiped off, then put on their outer clothes, decent enough to get home with. Bob thought of his two boys at home alone, suddenly anxious to get home to them, their mom wouldn't be home until after midnight working third shift at the hospital; he had to make dinner. ...................."Dad will be home soon... wanna let him find us like this?" Geoff giggled, stockings half down, his panties aside as he finished sucking his brother's cum and piss from his cock!"Oh hell no!" Jon giggled, his own face covered with his brother's cum and piss too! "Guess we'd better clean up, huh?" and they jumped in the shower, soaping each other and masturbating each other to a final orgasm apiece, getting out, drying off and slipping into shorts and tees just as they heard their dad's car drive up! They looked at each other and laughed, their timing perfect! They flounced on the couch as their dad walked in, like it was any other evening!"Sorry I'm late, had to finish up some contracts..." Bob said absently, taking off his tie, remembering how Jim tied it for him as they kissed goodbye, tongues dueling, hands groping, both anxious already for their next preteen top fuck time together!"No problem, dad, we understand, we kept busy... reading.." Jon replied, thinking more how he and Geoff read each other's minds sucking and fucking their brains out!"Mmmm.. good.. let's have supper, I'm starving!" Bob giggled... a couple good, healthy loads of cum and piss down your throat does help create an appetite, he thought!-----------------Mary got off early at 10:30, following her boss to her boss's car. As soon as they got inside they embraced passionately, open mouths inviting tongues to explore while they preteen nice models caressed each other's tits lustfully!"Ouuu baby... love me honey!" Mary exclaimed, licking her boss's neck while her boss, Sue, undid her bra, cupping mounds of scrumptious tits!"OUUuuuu Honey, I thought we'd never get out to my car! lemmee suck your big fat nipples, baby!" Sue moaned, burying her face between her employee's big tits. She slid lower, her tongue tantalizing her mound. "Gotta eat you hon!" and spread her legs wide and tasted her hot, sweaty flesh! Mary luxuriated into the rich leather and arched her back, drawing Sue's cunt to her own lips, the two pleasuring each other's hot, wet, dripping cunts!"OOHHHH..." Mary groaned... Bob could not pleasure her pussy anywhere preteen spanking stories near as good as Sue's experienced tongue could! Only another woman knows how to lick and flick her into total orgasm! She clutched at the fine grain leather of the soft, supple expensive car seat while Sue made her cunt cum alive under her experienced tongue! She loudly orgasmed multiple times, redoubling preteen gym photos her eforts to make her mentor cum over and over again too.. the two women egging each other on until they both crashed into orgasmic ecstacy!"OHhhh my... that took my breath away!" Mary groaned while Sue pulled enough clothes on to make the appearance of driving normally, but Sue's lower half was bare naked! Sue took off and spread her legs invitingly..."Um.. wanna diddle me while I drive?" she giggled. Mary immediately laid down her head so she couldn't be seen and snaked her fingers into her boss's cunt, both giggling like schoolgirls!"My girlfriend Julie and I used to do this driving out on the back roads!" Mary tittered, breathing hard as she started fingerfucking her boss."So did me and my aunt.. she just loved to take advantage of poor li'l me.." Sue laughed. "Of course, I kinda prompted it.. I'd spread my legs for her anny chance I could!" and they both laughed!.............."That was good... oh shit I'm preteen bathing suits tired.. just gonna close my eyes for a sec.. if you wanna clear the dishes off.. " Bob sighed, drifting into an active sleep, dreaming about him and Jim..."Wow, dad's dreaming.." Jon groaned. "..and he's got a huge fucking hardon! Must be a good dream!""Mmmm.. wanna help him?" Geoff giggled, taking a finger and lightly tracing his hardon. He groaned and humped his crotch, a smile bubbling from him!"Yeah! I'm game!" as Jon slid next to his dad, caressing him, his dad moaning."mmmmmmm... let's open his pants... oh fuck, lookit his panties! And garters.. stockings! Oh fuck, no wonder dad's so fucking horny!" Geoff moaned. "Think I should blow him?""Well, if you look at his cock you can see someone else beat you to it! Lipstick on the laurie model preteen underside!" Jon groaned and took his cock in his mouth!"Oh fuck, Jon, you're sucking dad'a cock!" Geoff gasped."So suck his balls for meee...!" and went back at it!Bob dreamed him and Jim were playing again, but who was sucking his balls as well as his cock? He roused... looking down one son was sucking his cock and the preteens porn models other sucking his balls in real life, not just a dream! He half closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep, then started moaning that it was his secret desire to have his sons suck him off! "Ohhh fuck... suck my cock Jon... and suck my balls Geoff... preteens fucking daddy it feels so fucking good!" he pandered."He really is dreaming we're doing it! Don't stop.. do it more!" Jon moaned."Ohhh you hot little cunt boys... suck me and fuck me honeys... make daddy cum in your mouths... cum in your panties for meee... ouuu yes baby!" Bob groaned, reaching up and cupping Jon's head, cradling him as he worked his hot cocksucking mouth up and down his turgid cock, moaning, groaning and fully aware what they were doing to him! "Yeah suck me honey.. suck your daddy's cock.. you too Geoff... suck my big cumfilled balls.. get daddy to fill your mouths with my hot, creamy cum... ouuu babies... I'm gonna cum... right... now!" Bob grunted, straining as he filled both boys' mouths full of his rampant seed! "Oouuu yesss.. milk my balls.. you both know all about giving each other pleasure, don't you? Oouuu yess my darlings... " Bob moaned in the wake of his orgasms, realizing to the full extent how much they knew, that they too were lovers!"Daddy, you were just pretending to be alseep, weren't you?!" Jon giggled, nuzzling his dad's cock, feeling it stirring a bit."Yes I was.. did you like taking advantage of your daddy?" Bob laughed."Ouuuu yesss... especially in your stockings and panties!" Geoff sighed."I take it you boys play together?" Bob moaned, stretching as they both caressed him. Geoff scampered into their room and snagged lingerie, both of them donning it unabashedly in front of their dad, kissing and hugging, then falling into a quick 69, pleasuring each other, then turning back to fondling dad again, their mutual play arousing him until he was hard again!"Ouuuu.. my little girly boys.. you're both so fucking sexy! Wanna fuck one of you while the other fucks my asshole... Jon.. let me fuck you baby... and Geoff, stuff your hard fucking panty cock straight up my aching asshole and russian preteen tpg fuck the shit out of meee!" Bob moaned, getting into it. "Wait! Better yet... let me call up Jim.... he'll go apeshit...!" Bob moaned, excited!..................."Mmmmmmmmm.... your pussy tastes soo good...!" Mary groaned. "Where we going, anyways?""To my aunt's house.. hopefully preteenpics free gallerys mom and dad will be there.." Sue sighed, her charge making her pussy feel fantastic!"Ohhh shit.. I'll stop brfore we get there, let me pull my panties up.. ooohh shit!" Mary stuttered."Nooo... it's ok.. they're expecting us... just like this.. you'll see... !" Sue groaned, slamming Mary's face back into her cunt to finish what she'd started!"ouuuu ok... whatever you say... ouuu baby your cunt is sooo fucking hot!" Mary shuddered, licking it madly!.............."Yeah, this is Jim... Bob? Oh yes, hello!" he said, he and his wife settling down to the news and coffee after dinner. Kids grown up, his wife gone through her change of life, leaving her sexless.. just the way she wanted it; she didn't have a horny bone in her body. Jim, on the other hand, was as inflamed as a 16 year old.. if not more so, often thinking of the fun he had in his teens with preteen cunt thumbnails older men who loved to shove their hard cocks into any opening he had and often did, much to his excited pleasure!"Jim, you wouldn't fucking believe.. my two horny cocksucking sons are into panties and lingerie and the three of us are fucking and sucking up a storm... can you cum over and join us? Tell your wife I'm stranded on the road and you have to help me change a tire.. get over here before I cum in both of their preteen porn imgboard mouths and assholes honey.. I need you to help meeee!" Bob groaned, slamming into his son's asshole!"Uuhhh yeah... that's a ways out.. sure, I'll help you, it'll take me a while.. I'll leave right now... we're done with dinner.. what road are you on? Yup, thanks for calling me.." and hung up. He tried not to show his excitement... his employee was calling him to let him know his two boys were fucking and sucking him dry and wanted him to help him in panties.. ohh fuckkkk.... Bob was just a few minutes from him... he made it sound like it was a long ways... more time to play!"Honey, I"m so sorry.. gotta leave.. this may take a couple hours, what with tow trucks, traffic and all... if I'm later than 9pm I'll call... Bob's stranded... love you..." and rushed out the door before she could see his cock start throbbing in his panties! He got there in 5 minutes flat! Knocking on the door, he didn't know what to expect..."Hi honey!" Bob gushed, smearing his lipstick as he shoved his tongue down his employer's mouth!"OOUuuuuu baby!" Jim exclaimed, succumbing to his employee's kisses. In came pre teens underware Jon and Geoff, prancing to see who it was...!"Ouuuu daddy's got a friend..." and they surrounded them, all of them kissing as the boys stripped off his clothes, ouuuing at his lacy garterbelt and panties on underneath his pants!"So glad you got here so quick, I need your help swallowing my two boys hot cum down my throat and up my ass, honey!" Bob giggled, helping Jim into a black lacy bra while Geoff pulled down his panties and started slurping on his thobbing cock!"Uhhghhh.. ohhh fuck little girly-boi.. hot.. fucking hot..!" Jim moaned as they all laughed, white preteen Jim pumping his first load down Geoff's throat! Almost immediately, Jon bent him over and started tongueloving his asshole while his cock was still spitting cum! Jim peered up Bob's torso, reached up and encirled his cock, ovalling his horny lipsticked lips and engulfed him while Jon replaced his tongue with his cock, plowing him up the ass and Geoff guided Jim's hard-again cock into his own young asshole to fuck him hard!"Oouuu Jim shocking preteen bbs darling, I'm sooo glad you could cum... and cum and cum some more!" Bob moaned, feeling Jim shake as he dumped his seed into one son's ass while the other plowed him in and out as Bob drowned him with a mouthful of cum, Jim greedily gulping every drop!They rested for a minute or two, just enough to catch their breath, then Bob told his two boys, "Let's give Jim an all-over loving... really put him at ease and bring him maximum pleasure, ok?" leading him into the bedroom, smiling as he helped him stretch out on the bed. "Would you like that, darling?" Bob grinned, sliding his hand up his thigh."OOUuuuu yes honey.. make love to meee!" Jim moaned, arching his back as Bob's hand caressed his aching nipples through his bra. Jon and Geoff got into the act quickly also, one rubbing his feet through his stockings while the other softly started kissing him, trailing little kisses down his neck. "Oouuu gawd yes, honey!" Jim moaned...-------------------------------Jim thought back as Bob and his two sons started caressing him all over to when he was a young horny hung stud, unabashed by anything, ready to experience everything! He could not leave oriental preteens his cock alone, he must have jerked off 5 times a day, and it wasn't particularly discerning what or who he jerked off to, from seeing a granny bending preteens de 14 over showing off her big saggy knockers to spying on his uncle taking a piss, flogging off his rubbery dong, fondling the dog's cock getting him hard, fingerfucking the cat, or pinching his sister's tits who was liking it more and more! Then, one day someone else came to the house, someone he'd never met... another uncle.. from his mom's side, not his dad's... came visiting for a couple weeks, showed up out of nowhere."Chase will have to stay in your room, Jimmy.. it'll only be a couple weeks... you've got our old double bed, only place two of you can sleep.. ok?" his dad said. He knew nothing of his wife's brother, and she didn't protest.'Fuck, how am I gonna jerk off?' Jimmy groaned to himself."Hey Jim, we'll get along great... I'll tell you about some of the ballparks in California.. lots of stories!" Chase laughed."Yeah, right.. tons of fun.. uh huh.." Jimmy sounded less than enthusiastic. But, he was funny and make Jimmy laugh constantly!After dinner Chase told Jimmy he'd like to preteens exploited pics take a walk, would he join him? "Sure..." and they took off, chatting..."Hey.. let's head that way, out of town.. more private.. talk easier.." Chase grinned. 20 paces later, Chase changed the subject..."You like to jerk off? Gawd I do... bet you got a nice sized cock... does it get hard on you all the time?" Chase blurted out."uhhh... yeah.. you like talking about this?" Jimmy stuttered, surprised at his frankness."Ohhh fuck yeah, that's all I think about, don't you? My cock is so fucking hard right now.. is your's? Show it busty bra preteen to me... I'll show you mine.. right over here.. nobody can see... I'll take mine out first lilotas preteen models ... ohhh fuck doesn't that feel so fucking good??!" Chase moaned, preteen private pussy his cock out and throbbing!But, Jimmy had one problem.. he still had on panties!"Uhhh... I've got on... ouuu.. uhhhh.. never mind..." Jimmy tried backing off."OOuuuuu honey.. you got on panties or something? Lemmee see! Fucking love wearing panties and bras and shit! I'd put on sis's all the time! Yeah, slide down your pants... like that... ouuu yeah.. what a beautiful cock in your hot sexy panties! You're fucking hard as a rock in them! C'mere.. in the shadows.. where nobody can see..." Chase groaned."See what?" Jimmy moaned as he felt Chase's fingers playing with his cock."See me get on my knees and suck your fucking cock, honey!" Chase giggled, sliding down him and mouthing his cock through his panties, then slid it in his mouth!"OOouuuuu fuck...!" Jimmy groaned, his petite preteen gallery uncle was sucking his cock for him! "Oouuu baby... suck it...mmmmmm!""Just a little for right now.. we can play when we get back in your room, ok? Wanna make you cum in my mouth preteen divas when you're laying down, not standing up.. it's so much better that way for you!" Chase giggled, slowly pulling his japanese preteen video panties and his pants back up, patting his cock for him!"Want me to....?" Jimmy asked, reaching out and fondling his uncle's cock in his pants."OOuuuu honey I would but the thought of us on the bed together is more exciting! Let's just hurry up and get back, ok? I knew you'd like to play! If you're anything like your hot fucking mother...!" Chase alluded. On the way back, Chase told him about some of the fun things they did together,.....It wan't a 'normal' brother-sister relationship.. not at all. They both disovered early on how fucking horny they both were and took advantage of every opportunity to share together!Like preteen models netherlands many siblings, it would start with wrestling; tho she was older he was her size and they'd get into 'scraps'. But they never tried very hard, she loved to reach down and play with his cock; he'd sigh and push a finger into her crotch and they'd diddle schocking preteen porn each other far more than they'd fight! Then she would sneak into his room and slip under preteens movies free his covers and pull down his pj's, playing with his ass, cock and balls while he'd finger her pussy and ass. She was pthc preteen pussy the first to take his cock in her mouth; she had a girlfriend in school and heard from her that preteen youngest nude a friend of their's sucked on her daddy's cock and described how to do it! Soon, it was coitus without cumming yet, then one day she was sucking his cock for him when he felt like he was going to pee, which he'd done before, but this time milky stuff came out! He'd cummed in her mouth! She loved it and made him tgp chinas preteens do it again and again!Soon, however, they needed more. Their dad was a salesman and wouldn't be home for long periods of time, but when he xxx preteen games did come home it was an event. And he was amazed at how his children had grown and how cold his wife was; she carried on a long-term affair with a girlfriend and her male lover satiating her desires completely and could care less if he was around. So when he did get home he could only relate to his kids, who were ecstatic he was there and his aching cock and on-fire hormones were more than welcomed. The first night his wife left for work (night nurse) he sat in his daughter's bedroom watching her show off her budding tits to him, licking and loving them up while Chase was on his knees in panties sucking his cock for him, spewing cum everywhere, releasing months of pent-up desires! He fucked her in the pussy and asshole, ramming her hard while Chase ate out his asshole and pissed all over both of them! hairless preteen nudists It started out innocently enough.. but they took full advantage of their dad needing to unload months of cum..."Daddy... you need to see the new outfit I got from my girlfriend Janie... she says it looks pretty on me..." Carol giggled. I want you to tell me if you like it.. and Chase has an outfit for you to see too.." they chorused, dragging him by the hands into their room..."Sure.. it sounds exciting..!" Norm groaned, his balls on fire.. his wife wan't interested whatsoever to show him any outfits of her's... he'd love to look!"Let me change..." and stood up and started taking her nightie off right in front of him! He gasped as she nonchalantly exposed her naked tits and pussy to him, then slipped on a see-through bra and gauzy panties, a garterbelt, high heels and slut red lipsick! 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